Our History

Hotel residence Toscana Verde offers a familiar and informal atmosphere in a perfect country-style. The hotel was founded in the heart of the Tuscan countryside, it has a panoramic position on the sweet hill of Laterina, and, surrounded by a park of 35.000 square meters, it is rich of centenary trees carefully preserved.

Toscana Verde is located in one of the most beautiful places in Tuscany, characterized by wonderful landscape views and uncountable original Etruscan centers. In fact, the Hotel was born in the heart of Etruria, thanks to the recovery of an ancient tobacco factory. Just to mentions some of the most characteristic centers close to Toscana Verde: Penna, Casanova and Ponticino, which open themselves to views of dense forests of oak, willows and poplars, in addition to the cultivation of sunflowers, wheat and corn.

The hotel offers any kind of comfort, combined with the kindness of the staff which make costumers feel welcome and at home.

Inside the Resort, there is the Restaurant La Tabaccaia, whose kitchen based on typical Tuscan dishes, completes the setting for an unforgettable holiday; a SPA available all year long with sauna, Turkish bath and Jacuzzi. Whereas, during the summer period, our guests are invited to use the beautiful swimming pool which overlooks the Valdarno-Valley.

Hotel Residence Toscana Verde will certainly offer you a remarkable experience, immersing yourself in the peace and serenity that only a vacation in the countryside can offer.

The ``Green`` family

The structure’s philosophy is oriented towards an eco-sustainable tourism, that’s for this purpose that we adopted a system for the production of hot water produced with solar-thermal panels.

We have a biomass cogeneration plant in operation, which produces electricity and we use the residual heat for part of the heat needed by the structure, limiting the use of petroleum derivates to the absolute minimum.

Soon, through heat exchangers, the big swimming pool that we plan to improve with a heating system, allowing guests to use it also in the intermediate seasons: April, May, September and October until mid-November.

We will also use the heat produced by the COOGENERATOR in the summer to turn it into cold air, in order to save some of the electrical energy absorbed by the CONDITIONER.

This eco-friendly projct will require a lot of financial resources, which we hope to obtain from some credit institutions that believe in us.

We are also doing the separate collection of biodegradable waste and it will be completed with the realization of separate collectors for glass, paper and plastic.
We try to sensitize our guests to the rational use of energy. It is no longer conceivable that hotels waste heat, water and electricity because with little attention you can be eco-friendly without sacrificing the comforts for the guests.

We try to limit the use of insecticides while respecting the environment and the ecosystem.
And in order to reduce waste, we are gradually equipping all rooms with a domotic system KNX, which will help us to LIMIT waste and MAXIMIZE comfort, monitoring in real temple all uses.

We are also setting up a wood workshop to repair bikes, and a canopy to offer cycle-lovers a shelter for their bikes. BIKE “FRIENDLY”

Toscana Verde has always been attentive to the environment and its respect. The aim is to strike a balance between economic development and environmental sustainability, by starting commercial activities that allow to improve the quality of life of the whole community in full respect of the environment and in the maximum valorization of the territory, thanks to these principles Tuscany Green uses:


  • Solar panels;
  • differentiated collection for both staff (bar, restaurant, cleaning) and customers;
  • cogeneration of electric energy that gives the possibility to produce energy with the combustion of vegetable oil, completely non-toxic and renewable;
  • Home automation system KNX;
  • Catering products at 0 km;
  • Kitchen with local products.

Objectives as for energy saving.

ProgettoPrimary energy consumption pre-intervention (tep/ year)Primary energy consumption post-intervention (tep/year)Energy saving (tep/year)Energy saving (%)Saved CO2 (t)


Saved eq. CO2 (t)


Saved NOX (kg)Saved PM10 (kg)
Intervention of replacement of windows31,0829,281,805,793,643,642,370,01
Intervention of heat pump31,0821,429,6631,0824,2724,27160,090,15
Home automation intervention31,0824,816,2720,1719,3919,39123,780,12
Total (>10%)  17,7357,0447,347,3286,240,28