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Tuscan flavours in an exclusive place

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Sit back, on the porch by candlelight or in the charming dining room, you're going to make a pleasant dining experience. Here, they say, you eat as a king!

Ristorante la Tabaccaia - Toscna VerdeInside the building there is the charming restaurant named La Tabaccaia, whose kitchen is strictly based on typical local dishes. For those who like to "investigate" the gastronomic traditions of the "rural" TUSCANY which has established itself in the world, out menu offers traditional recipes of the territory. It has 3 dining rooms and a veranda with a beautiful view. For the eco-sustainable use mostly local products don’t have any distance in km. Some recipes are based on organic products such for example cakes, bread baked by us with organic flour and whole fruit jam. - It's completed by an "important" wine cellar with the best wines of the Chianti area which match perfectly with the tasty dishes of our kitchen.

In a cozy and nice environment is restaurant LA TABACCAIA inside of our residence, TABACCAIA is the name of the old mill for drying tobacco for the production of the famous Tuscan cigars.Veranda Ristorante la Tabaccaia - Toscna Verde
Our kitchen is essentially TYPICAL TUSCAN rural, regional specialties and fish dishes, suitable for those who want to delight the palate with the ancient traditions of a rich ancient culture that has its origins in the memories of the countryside.Enjoy the most famous recipes like ribollita, pappa al pomodoro and soups which are famous for the richness of flavor and the quality of the ingredients. Do not miss our meats and cheeses accompanied by local marmalades and honey. Our chefs work only with local products and, when needed, BIOLOGICAL, certainly always genuine.For the preparation we only use Tuscan extravergine olive oil. A little curiosity: all sauces are made and prepared just by our own kitchen, so no preservatives, like our cakes and bread which are strictly home made!.
Sala Ristorante la Tabaccaia - Toscna Verde
Our famous beef steak: try, meat of the first choice,.. and if not cut with a fork the cook goes away! The restaurant also boasts an excellent selection of vintage wines and quality for connoisseurs or just lovers, the choice ranges from Brunello to Chianti Classico, from typical Tuscan wines to national and international wines with an excellent relation between price and quality. The cellar can boast rare and valuable pieces and is always well stocked.
THE TABACCAIA is open all year -  for 365 days at the disposal of guests for lunch and dinner.

Every day the chefs offer the 'dish of the day'

NIn the tradition of our Valdarno-area  the fish has never been a traditional dish, for that matter, we far away from the sea. In families on Friday of "Eve" you could eat "poor" fish and preserved, there were no fishmongers. Herring, anchovies, sardines, canned codfish.
For the rich, once a week, I remember, passed the fishmonger with a strange "horn" which served as a "brilliant amplifier" and read: "Women ... it's the fishmonger, fried fish, sole, mussels, clams , squid, mullet, etc. ... ... " the dirge went further and further away...
Today the fish every day fresh, so in our restaurant will make periodic themed dinners with recipes and traditional fish such as stockfish and ‘Caciucco Livornese’, both succulent dishes.

ON DEMAND dinner of fresh fish, and always top quality.

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